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Wesley The Owl - the remarkable love story of an owl and his girl.
By Stacey O'Brien
Release date: Aug 2008, Simon and Schuster/Free Press.

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“Wesley the Owl is beautiful, funny, transcendental, fascinating, and powerful. I LOVED THIS BOOK!”-- Lynne Cox, author of Grayson and Swimming to Antarctica

WESLEY THE OWL is a heart-wrenching and heart-felt story of the deep, reciprocal, and enduring emotional bonds that developed between Stacey O'Brien and her long time friend. It's an inspiring example of how animals are able to reveal to us who they really are and who we really are when we allow them to express themselves openly and safely. Profoundly passionate and personal, this remarkable book shows how we can all increase our compassion footprint in a human-dominated world. Read it and share widely. I sure will. Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado; author of THE EMOTIONAL LIVES OF ANIMALS, ANIMALS MATTER, and WILD JUSTICE: REFLECTIONS ON EMPATHY, FAIR PLAY, AND MORALITY IN ANIMALS (forthcoming)

An inside look at the mind of an owl. If you are interested in animal
intelligence, you should read this book.
Temple Grandin, author Animals in Translation

This compelling story sheds a bright, shining light into the world of animal emotions and the powerful bonds forged between animals and humans. In addition to providing the world intimate details about owls, Stacey O'Brien has shared a heart-felt journey of life and love with one of nature's wild creatures. Wesley the Owl is a must-read story of faith, compassion and selfless devotion.”—Jay Kopelman, author of From Baghdad, With Love and From Baghdad to America

“I LOVE Wesley the Owl! Not since Konrad Lorenz have I read such an honest, vivid, and revealing account of the rich and complex life of an individual bird. Stacey O'Brien has captured the essence of the soul of an unforgettable owl. Affectionate, quirky, joyous and wise, Wesley shows us the Way of the Owl—the way to God and grace. This book is destined to become a classic, and will deepen importantly the way we understand birds.”—Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig

“Most “me and my bird” stories are mildly entertaining at best, but Wesley the Owl is a different animal altogether. Stacey O'Brien got to know this owl with a unique combination of deep scientific understanding and rare emotional intensity, and the result is stunning, unforgettable. Read this book and you will never see owls, or humans, in the same light again.”—Kenn Kaufman, author of Kingbird Highway and Flights Against the Sunset

“This fun book reminded me of Marley & Me, but with wings. Warm, weird, and wonderful, Wesley the Owl is proof that man's best friend sometimes has feathers.”—Mark Obmascik, author of The Big Year

“The best of love stories between two intelligent beings, told (by the human) with good humor and remarkable insights into the mind of an owl—I couldn't put it down.”—Donald Kroodsma, Ph.D., professor emeritus at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and author of The Singing Life of Birds

“Wesley will make you wonder if owls are not at least as wise as humans and as capable of compassion. Wesley the Owl will stretch your notions about the limits of interspecies communication and love. It will entertain, delight and, finally, cause you to weep. Guaranteed.”—Sam Keen, author of Sightings: Extraordinary Encounters With Ordinary Birds

“From wingtip to wingtip, Wesley the Owl will open your heart to feathered wisdom. And you will learn some astonishing facts about birds and other creatures from a compassionate scientist dedicated to saving lives.”—Don Höglund, DVM, author of Nobody's Horses

“With an eye for detail not often seen in books about animals Stacey O'Brien tells her fascinating story with great passion. This wonderful, enchanting book makes one understand that the bond we have with animals goes beyond the “norm” of dogs and cats and can cross over to all of nature. Wesley the Owl is a true testament that love comes in many shapes, sizes, fur and feathers.”—Randy Grim, author of Miracle Dog, subject of The Man Who Talks to Dogs

“Stacey O'Brien's relationship with an unreleaseable Barn Owl spanned almost two decades, and she tells their story of mutual devotion with an irresistible combination of empathy, humor and keen observation. Wesley the Owl captivated me from the first page...it is a beautiful, inspiring book.”—Suzie Gilbert, Wildlife Rehabilitator and author of Hawk Hill